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OMI Brass Lamp

OMI Brass Lamp
OMI Brass Lamp OMI Brass Lamp OMI Brass Lamp
OMI Brass Lamp

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This beautiful vintage standing lamp was designed by OMI who produced some stunning c20th lighting. The base and about a third of the stand is white enamel while the rest is brass. The detail at top is a gorgeous piece of design. The head can be angled up and down or side to side, and the height of the lamp can be adjusted. We are not sure if the shade is original to the lamp but it looks a perfect match. The stand is in very good condition, the shade does have signs of vintage use and a crack on the inside with slight discolouring, which can be seen from the outside, only when the light is switched on.
165cm tallest height approx.
135cm shortest height approx.
25cm width of base
35cm width of shade